Our Mission & Purpose

 The mission of GYC Southwest is best articulated in Fundamentals of Christian Education (1923), page 203:

We are all one in Christ, and should unite heartily in an effort to educate and train an army of young men and women in such a way that they will be consistent, well-balanced Christians, able to understand and explain the Scriptures. The purity, faith, zeal, and consistency of character in those who go forth to work for the Lord, should be so evident that others may see their good works, and be led to glorify our Father who is in heaven. If our profession of faith is sustained by heartfelt piety, it will be a means of good; for thereby souls will be influenced to comply with the terms of salvation. God designs that His grace should be made manifest in the believer, that through the Christlike character of individual members, the church may become the light of the world.

The purpose of GYC Southwest is to support the mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church by encouraging young people in the southwestern United States to be actively involved in the ministry of the Church. It seeks to do this by:

  1. Providing an annual meeting, the Southwest Youth Conference (SWYC), to revitalize our love for His Word, renew our commitment to work where He leads, and deepen our desire to see Him return;
  2. Encouraging a full dedication to Christ through earnest study of the Bible, prayer and service to others;
  3. Meeting each year for worship and Bible study;
  4. Collaborating with local Seventh-day Adventist churches and organizations;
  5. Reaching out to the young people in the southwestern United States, encouraging them to an acceptance and full commitment to Christ;
  6. Using outreach to touch our local and global community in tangible ways; and
  7. Hastening the soon return of Jesus Christ through proclamation of the Three Angels’ Messages, thus encouraging others to prepare to meet Him.