Why Volunteer? 

“A hearty, willing service to Jesus produces a sunny religion.”

-Adventist Home p. 431

Would you like to have an even sunnier experience at SWYC? Then please consider volunteering! There are many areas in which your cheerful service can be of much help and a blessing to the ministry. We are looking for a wide variety of services that include music, audio/visual, usher, health, organization, children’s ministry, public speaking, graphic design, and prayer. However, the most important thing is a willing heart to serve God and His children. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer and to make an eternal impact!

Here’s How to Register:

  1. Sign up here OR email us at gycsouthwest@gmail.com and tell us briefly why you would like to volunteer.
  2. Attend the volunteer orientation conference call. Attending this orientation is extremely important because you always want to know the expectations of service whenever you volunteer.  At this orientation you will learn our policies, procedures and programs to gain a thorough understanding of the many ways you can truly make a difference.
  3. Join our prayer line conference calls.  You will be joining a team that believes in the power of prayer.  We will be meeting regularly as a group to pray for the conference via Skype or over the phone conference calls.